The Rock In Our Pockets

20130730-120723 AM.jpg
It’s midnight in Folkestone, and we’re occupying ourselves. To be fair it’s midnight other places too but we’re here, between sleep and anticipation. Harry is writing about a rock.

The boys each have a rock from home in their pockets representing their burdens and meant to be left at an iron cross somewhere on the road. Symbolically preparing a pilgrim for the final phase of the walk – the joyful approach to Santiago.

That’s what Harry has written about his rock

Harry is 12. These are his thoughts about going on The Merry Road To Santiago

20130730-121151 AM.jpg

Only one tunnel and two trains away from three new pilgrims arriving on The Camino


About Melanie Gow

Inspirational Speaker, author, photographic artist and mother - usually found in the moment. "as such I have been a life-long explorer of the human condition. If we are to live fully, live lovingly, in this pathless adventure called life we need to throw ourselves out into the unknown. If we are to have any sense of perfection we need to learn to read the inner essence of a landscape, but most importantly, we need to master our own inner landscape."
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